Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hotel Limo

Do not go to Cabo. Do not go to Cancun.

Rancho Pescadero is perfection.

(That is, unless you are craving a night of drinking at Senor Frogs after you spent the day fending off the timeshare people and purchasing cheesy chotzkies. You can do none of those things in Pescadero.)

Rancho Pescadero is top-rate without being in any way pretentious. It's surroundings are real Mexico, not tourist Mexico. This is Baja, the margarita, fish taco, surfing vibe but without having to do it in an airstream trailer commune - although, should you desire the company of the commune expats, and they do make fine company, they are just up the beach a few miles. But it's hard to leave the comforts of the rancho. Whoever designed and decorated this place, they hit the nail on the head. There is not a single picture by Frido Kahlo of Frido Kahlo, or a silver cross or any sort of portico with a bell. This is modern Mexico, elegant, relaxing, comfortable.

One of my favorite images, not done justice by the camera in the Samsung phone, the hotel limo.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing more about your vacation. Still waiting for someone to bring me a margarita...