Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Contingency of the Others

So here's the thing. I don't need to be on Lexapro anymore because the impetus for said medication is no longer an issue. HOWEVER . . .

I was at the park on Sunday and a lady asked me the time. I looked at my phone and told her it was 2:45. To which she replied, "Are you sure?" I looked again and confirmed. She then asked, "Did you change your phone for daylight savings?" I told her that it changed itself. To which she inquired whether I was sure my phone was capable of such a thing.

A. I am not in the habit of tricking people about the time.
B. If I look as if I am such a person, why would you ask me about the time.

Then a gentleman came to our door with a girl holding a present. He told me that he had brought his daughter for Hailey's party. I explained that he was not at the right location for Hailey's party. He then asked me if I was saying that his GPS was wrong. He then proceeded to show me his navigator app on his iPhone and the picture of the house at which Hailey was having said party. He said, "Is this not your house?" Our house is green. The picture of the house in the app - not green. I showed him the green brick by my door. He then asked me where Hailey lived. I had no idea. Hailey has never checked in with me to introduced herself. I am thinking, however, that Hailey's friend, the one at the door holding the present, may be one of those normal children born to "special" parents.

Anyway, I took myself off the Lexapro because everything in my life was falling back into order. I neglected to consider the contingency of the remainder of the human race. Nevertheless, I do not miss the restless leg syndrome or the constant sleepiness. Also, $90 a month will buy a fairly nice pair of shoes.


  1. People kill me. If you ask me a question, trust my answer.

    Also, the leg shaking with Lexapro was the worst side effect ever. I didn't get the sleepiness though. I just went off meds myself and sometimes get stabby dealing with the human race.

  2. People really are nuts. I'm still getting 10-30 calls a week for a private club, and when I'm nice enough to give people the correct number, they ask if I'm sure since the internet clearly said my number is for the private club. At which point I inform them that they have reached my private cell phone, not the club, and that the internet lies sometimes. Sometimes I'm nicer than others. Oh well.

  3. I am so thrilled for you! Hug!

    Amie, a "private club", huh?

  4. Seriously, I think those same people come into my work. We have a code word for them. That code word tells us to put on our best voice and suppress the screams cuz we know we will be dealing with one of "them"...