Monday, March 28, 2011

Things I Love, Random Edition

I have not one but two friends who do jewelry home sales. It follows that I buy A LOT of jewelry via home sale parties. And to this I say thank GOD because back in the early 90s all anybody did was Pampered Chef and after the 50th demonstration of the onion chopper I started to wonder if it could be used as a deadly weapon and if there wasn't possibly an easier way to score some free snacks and wine.

But I like to be supportive. My one friend claims that her home jewelry sales have netted her enough to pay for a Disney Cruise for her family - which sounds like the very depths of hell to me, but the point is, she made bank. My other friend is $2000 in the hole.

Anyway, I tend to end up with random things at these home sale parties. One night I had enough wine that I ended up with a string of faux coral beads with a gold bee, apparently momentarily believing that I was a retiree in the Red Neck Riviera needing some dress-up jewelry for the skillet meal event at the Dennys.

But the other week I got a $40 reimbursement for all the downtown parking I did during my interviews. (So you can see how I could buy something for $40 and it would be free.) I was already going to order a birthday gift for my M-I-L from my home jewelry friend, so I also ordered this $37 necklace. For me, kind of a random style. It's a short leather chain with wee little gold dots hanging off of it. I didn't know when I would wear it because I haven't sported leather jewelry since that one Lalapolooza, but I thought I would try it.

I haven't taken it off for two weeks. I wear it with everything.

Then, on Sunday, my son and I were killing some time at the mall before our movie started. We went into Brookstone. Therein I tried the electronic sweater pill shaver, right on my lovely Anthropologie jersey blousey thing I was wearing. Whereupon the electronic sweater pill shaver made a giant hole right in the blousey thing. I needed a new shirt. My son wanted to walk around Urban Outfitters and there I found a gray sweatshirt with three-quarter sleeves and orange airstream trailers printed all over it. MAJOR SCORE. Its so adorable and comfy.

For those of you who know how old I am - No I am not having a mid-life crisis much. Sheesh.

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  1. I hope Brookstone offered to reimburse you for your blouse. Electric shavers are awful. They fuck up everything. I've been told combs are the way to go? I usually stick to a cheapo single blade safety razor. That way if I mess up my clothes it's just my fault.