Monday, March 7, 2011

The First Week

Well, I wouldn't have chosen to start last week that way. That is, (1) causing my son to break down in tears by telling him that he had no choice but to rally through his pain and go to school because mommy had to go to the first day of her new job, (2) finding out that our high school friend had taken his life, and (3) coming down with the worst flu of my life. No exaggerating. That sucker lasted 5 intense days and is still hanging on. Yet there we were.

And there I was. Practicing law. Not incidentally, exactly the type of law I want to practice. Without billable hours. For a man that made a point to come into my office to explain to me that he wants to be sure that I understand that he understands that we all have kid schedules to work around.

I have a view of the mountains from my office. And above and beyond those mountains are the heavens wherein reside my mom, Nick, others. I give them a nod - hello from me. All is good here. Perhaps for now, but finally for now. I am not waiting for anything to change. I am simply living as I feel I am meant to.


  1. Hooray! I'm sorry you had to have that conversation with your son (and the rest) BUT how wonderful and perfect a fit for you and your goals! So happy for you!

  2. There are no words for feeling content.