Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things I Love, Makeup Addition

I love me some makeup I just do. I find that playing with all those little colorful pots and brushes is one of the most relaxing parts of the day. So you would think that I leave the house every morning looking like I am from Texas, but that is not the case at all. I frequently look at myself in the rearview mirror when I get into the car and wonder where it all went already. Sephora, inevitably, is one of my favorite stores, and here are some tried and true products - not just impulse products. I use these until they are gone and then buy more. 1. Benefit Dallas powder. And this isn't just because I love Dallas. This is the best overall color you can add to your face. It's not quite a bronzer, and you can put it all over without getting a mask. It just gives your coat a healthy glow. 2. Icelandic Relief Eye Cream. Oh my sweet little pot of relief. Eye bags are my birthright. As are dark circles. But this little tub does excellent work on both. I use this twice a day and for the first time since I can remember since my 30's my bags and dark circles are almost gone! Now, people get dark circles for different reasons; I researched the heck of this topic. So I am not saying this will work for you. But it works for me. Yay. 3. Stila Eyeliner in Topaz. One swipe of this on your inner lash line and you will look like you had 8 hours of sleep. I always get 8 hours of sleep, so maybe this makes me look like I get 16 hours of sleep. I don't know. What I am saying is that this is sleep in stick form. Sadly, my sephora took there Stila display away. First Estee Lauder sells Stila, then it goes away from my sephora. I am a little worried.


  1. I definitely need a new undereye cream - will have to check that out!

  2. I too, must check out that eye cream!