Monday, March 21, 2011

The One in which I Disagree with Bobby Flay

We watch a lot of Food Network in our house. This is good because when I was my son's age it was things like Different Strokes, Alice, The Jeffersons, Love Boat and Fantasy Island. I am sure that contributed to more brain damage than all the drinking I did in my 20s.

Anyway, last night we were watching America's Next Great Restaurant. It's not on the Food Network but it might as well be. In this show, Bobby Flay, two other chefs, and the founder of Chipotle are going to invest in the restaurant of the contestant with the next great restaurant concept.

Herein my observations:
1. The founder of Chipotle - he's not so warm and fuzzy.
2. How did Grill Billies not go home last night? If I gave a presentation like that to one of my bosses, former or current, I would be sent home.
3. America needs a Soul Daddy's.
4. I don't get why Bobby Flay doesn't get Compleat. It's brilliant. And I am not just saying that because the contestant is a Harvard trained lawyer. Bobby hates the name. I think the name is brilliant. Bobby doesn't think she has a food concept. She serves calorie controlled portions. Look, Bobby, the greatest majority of women who are counting calories would come into a restaurant just because they know they could get a calorie count. They would then pick the food - and assuming it was average food, that's all you need for a concept. Oh Bobby Bobby Bobby.

My son and I spent a great deal of time last night discussing this, and we think Bobby is off his rocker on this one. With all due respect. Because, otherwise, we really like Bobby Flay.


  1. OMG, I totally agree on Compleat. I thought it was brilliant and I would totally go there. Also, the wok idea? Not been done? It totally has. It's called Flat Top Grill.

    I'm really pulling for either MeltWorks or Soul Daddy's because I like the founders. Also, a grilled cheese restaurant? I would totally go there.

  2. I've never seen this restaurant show, but I sure remember one about a particular diner. Kiss my grits!

  3. I had recorded the show, or thought I had only to find a problem and none of the episodes are there. So I need to find it online somewhere.
    And I agree, that a concept like that is brilliant. Heck, on my little "losing weight to do Bay To Breakers" I'm counting calories like crazy. Loving the "under 600" calorie meals at Applebees (where my mom likes to go" or Famous Dave's (where I can get a BBQ fix). I'd so totally eat at a restaurant that has calorie controlled portions!