Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Friday Thoughts

Random thoughts in non-numerical order.

A. I cannot pass up a boyfriend cardigan with rolled (camp?) sleeves. Seriously. I will purchase that cardigan.

B. For some reason they got the impression at my new job that I have considerable experience in this one particular area of the law. hahahahaha. I would like to note that my response during my interview when asked if I practiced in that area of the law was, "to some extent." Meaning, really, that I was aware that it was, indeed, an area of the law in which some people have been known to practice. Guess what I am doing this weekend?

C. Its souffle for me today at the dbar!!! I'll be the one dining alone wearing the boyfriend cardigan with the the rolled sleeves reading the Federal Register.


  1. Love DBar! Enjoy your solo evening.

  2. Enjoy your meal it sounds yummy. The cardigan sounds cool. The Federal Register? Not so much...