Friday, March 25, 2011

TGIF - Weekend Plans

Someone recommended Allegra and I just took my first one this morning. You see, I am allergic to this fair city in the Spring. For a good three months out of the year, until everything is done blooming, I am snotty and grumpy and my eyes are watery and I complain and I can't run outside and then I get more grumpy because I can't run outside and I am a runner damnit a runner.

Anyway, how are you?

Have a great weekend! I wish we could all meet up for a happy hour! We are going to the Museum of Nature and Science, to see The Lincoln Lawyer, and to draft a redline of the LOI for the franchise space. That is, maybe we will go to The Lincoln Lawyer - I am 100 pages into the book and I think the book is very good. If I see the movie, I won't finish the book. But then again, I am anxious to start reading My Korean Deli. I read the first chapter in the Barnes and Noble the other day and it a fun fast read.

1 comment:

  1. Must try Allegra. Claritin is not doing the trick. Want to scratch out my eyes!
    Museum of Nature and Science is on our agenda as well. That Pirate exhibit looks fantastic.
    Hope you have a great weekend! Sounds lovely.