Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hair Straighteners, Ham Hocks and Brain Hurts

1. My husband says that it is only fair if I tell you that I left my hair straightener on for 24 hours yesterday. Between that and the 4 hour broiling experiment, it is a wonder our house is still standing.

2. I am thinking that I have been away from the South for too long as I cooked with a ham hock and I hated it. Never substitute a ham hock for the smoked turkey leg in my split pea man soup.

3. I'm tired. I got this job because I had a unique career path prior to law school, and a legal specialty. Both matched this job perfectly. HOWEVER, there is a learning curve like you wouldn't believe. My brain hurts. I'm happy, but the brain hurts.


  1. I'm totally with you on being happy but having a hurt brain. My inbox is scary.

  2. I hear margaritas cure hurting brains. And if it's really bad, a few shots of tequila help.....