Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yesterday my husband burned toast because he left it under the broiler FOR 40 MINUTES.

Oh where to begin where to begin.

Apparently not with the toaster. And at what point during that 40 minutes and the smell that ensued was he not reminded the he was making a sandwich.

This man can run a global supply chain process but toast? Very confusing.


Today - I try to find a regulation that doesn't exist. You know the one. The one for which you are just going to type in a few key words and it is going to pop up but 5 hours later you've gone manic. That regulation that lives in the Black Hole of Federal Regulations.


  1. My husband knew how to cook and clean just fine before I married him. Now? Clueless. Argh.

  2. I really hate that regulation. I spent more than a few hours this week looking for it as well, and am still exceptionally frustrated that it hasn't popped up.

  3. Toast huh? Made me laugh because I just was browsing through a cookbook that has "recipes from the Stars". All sorts of great recipes from famous people. Then there is a recipe from Joan Rivers for...toast...maybe you should get him that cookbook :)