Tuesday, June 15, 2010

For Faux Trixie and Third Tier

This reprint is for fauxtrixie.blogspot.com and thirdtierfromthetop.blogspot.com to explain why nobody should cover Steve Perry. Nobody. But then, I think George Harrison was the most important Beatle, so what do I know?

Originally posted 2.12.10

Earlier this week, the girls over at aiminglow.com were talking about music, and the comment was made that Steve Perry is hawt. I know very few things to be true, but this I know with absolute certainty.

And this got me thinking that on the drive to work this morning, I really did not want to stop believing. We keep The Essential Journey in my husband's car. That way, it is ready for each and every road trip, it being more important than gas. If your car doesn't have gas, you can push it. But if your car doesn't have The Essential Journey, well then you are just SOL.

My husband is only ever in one of two places, his office at the house or Thailand, so I am never separated from my CD. Except this morning, my husband left the house, taking his car with him and thereby taking the CD with him. Oh. The. Horror. Now, I have Journey's Greatest Hits in my car, but it is not the same. It is great, but it is not essential. Furthermore, my Journey's Greatest Hits CD is unplayable.

When CDs first came out, I remember my dad saying that CDs were indestructible. Although I have proven that over and over again to be a false statement, I still neglect to put my CDs back in their case because there is this voice in my head telling me, "CDs are indestructible." Unless you leave them in the side pocket of your car, outside of their case, with a broken crystal picture frame for over a year. That tends to be not good for CDs.

So I did what I always do when I need my porn (and if Steve Perry sweating isn't porn then I don't know what is) - I headed to the internet. Thereupon I called up "Don't Stop Believing" on youtube. HELL-O. And it is also true that Steve Perry is hawt for no single identifiable reason. And, in fact, if you take it in piece by piece - ouch. First of all - a mullet? Second of all, in many videos, he is sporting a yellow half shirt with black leopard spots. A half shirt. Also, he is wearing the highest waisted jeans ever designed - they come all the way up to meet his half shirt. But put it all together and add the voice and he is the hottest soft rocker of all time.
I knew this when I was 13, when I would stare at myself in front of the mirror while listening to Separate Ways and hoping that, indeed, some day love would find me and break the chains that bind me. Oh. The. Chains.


  1. I think we discussed this that last time you posted this...the new guy for Journey is amazing! And I am a HUGE Journey fan so I was looking to hate him. Nope...I have played the new cd for people who couldn't tell the difference! I mean...he doesnt look like SP - but then I was never a fan of his looks.

  2. I love Journey. Freaking LOVE them. My Essential Road Trip CD is Journey's Greatest Hits Live (nothing cheers me up like Steve Perry hollering "Domo arigato Tokyo!"). Most live CDs piss me off, but not Journey. They did it right.

    I still don't see why nobody should cover them though. Even dumbass little kids who somehow manage to think that Glee came up with Don't Stop Believin' out of thin air can now be introduced to Journey through the magic that is the internet. It's not a bad thing. And it's a tribute to Journey, not a theft.

  3. Amie, that's a good perspective. The Sopranos, The Hills, Glee - all have featured Don't Stop Believing. They have made Journey relevant to a whole new audience.

  4. I agree with Amie up there. Nothing is as great as the original. I belt out Journey every time it comes on, and not just "Don't Stop Believing." Oh no. I belt out "Faithfully," "Separate Ways," "Lovin', Touchin' Squeezin'" and all the rest.

    I like Glee's rendition because it was a "fresh" take on the song, and it was well done. It wasn't a hack job karaoke bar version, but one that was done by very talented singers.

    Now, if they start covering Led Zeppelin, I may change my mind on the whole Glee thing.