Friday, June 11, 2010


So. My fellow cube world inhabitant. The IT guy.

He thinks everything is funny. If someone says hello, he replies hello while laughing. If someone calls him to report that their computer just blew up, he laughs and says he'll be around to fix it.

Also, he talks to himself. This is not an admirable quality in a cube mate. He'll ask himself out loud, "Am I sure about that?" When he solves a problem, he says "yay!" - out loud. And then he says it again in a very low voice, and then a very high voice. YAY, yay, yayeeeee!

There is only one just revenge - downloading Lea Michele's version of Faithfully and playing it in our cube on repeat. Check and mate.


  1. You are sure he isnt a Journey fan? Or a Gleek?

    I cant stand people who laugh all the time like that. I have actually stopped someone and said 'Can you tell me why you think this is funny?'. He laughs because he is insecure.

  2. So true. It could totally backfire on me and he could get the idea that it was okay to play Glee music in our cube.