Monday, June 21, 2010

That's What I Thought

You know how nothing is every really like you think it is going to be? Southern California - way more gritty than I imagined. Miami - way more gritty than I imagined. Worcester, MA - not quaint at all. I spent one year at Clark University. One year. One long gritty year without a car.

But the State of Washington - exactly like I imagined it would be. Green, overcast, rainy. The forest ranger stations, the roadside diners, the ski areas - all exactly like I imagined.

When we were driving past a Washington ski area (closed now, of course) I pointed it out to my son. He mocked it. His Keystone-Vail-Beaver Creek spoiled snowboarding ass mocked the cute little Washington ski hill.

Tomorrow - Seattle. I expect to be EXACTLY like the movie Singles.


  1. And Sleepless in Seattle!
    Photos girl! We need photos!

  2. Worchester is the worst. Although I do love how those Massholes pronounce it.

    You'll love Seattle. It's beautiful and the people seriously are SO nice. ENJOY!

  3. How much do I love Kyra Sedgwick? More than a comment can convey.