Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend Treat - Nooks

I didn't buy anything this week (except for a JCrew boyfriend cardigan, but that doesn't make it different from any other week).

So instead I am sharing some of my favorite nooks in my house. This is the dinosaur that lives in front of our fireplace. My decorating philosophy (aside from texture texture texture) is that every room should have one piece of kitsch.

Another one of my favorite nooks is my dining room table that serves as my office. Note the texture on the red candle holder in the hurricane. Mmmmm texture. The hurricane is from Z Gallerie and the candle holder is from one of my friends from college that I haven't spoke to in years. Strange how those things go. Oh, and on the gray walls, my Rauschenberg. Mmmmm Rauschenberg.