Thursday, June 17, 2010


Did I say we had financing? Yes, yes I did say that.

Well, there's miles and miles of difference between a bank saying that they will give you the amount you ask for, and being provided that amount on reasonable terms. When we said that we couldn't accept those terms, the bank said we could go the SBA route. We found out today that we can go the SBA route, but we would have to put down about 40% of the start-up costs.

If we had 40% of the start-up costs, I would be independently wealthy and planning my next trip to Tahiti rather than thinking about starting up a franchise that is going to require me to work 12 hours a day for 7 days a week without vacation for the next few years.

We are no closer to this whole franchise venture than we were a month ago, and I am beginning to wonder if it's really even possible at all. I thought about breaking down in tears. I thought about getting angry because I feel like I have been strung along for the past month by the bank saying they would work with us to work something out. But really where I am is that I just want some pho.


  1. Does the company not send you to people who will finance you? Or is this the route you are having problems with?

  2. That SUCKS. Stupid banks.

    Also, I don't like pho. The oxtail and tripe creeps me out.

  3. Lame. Stupid banks seem to have missed the memo that the world needs more franchise, because I have already promised to come eat desserts and drink coffee. And I can't do that without financing. Sheesh.

    Sorry dear. This blows.

  4. Aww, thanks ladies. We'll figure this out somehow. Between us we have three children so I am sure that one of them is worth something on the open market. There will be dessert and coffee for everyone!

  5. Pho makes everything better.

    And I'm glad to know that you're thinking creatively. Sell a child = make money and reduce expenses. Win-win!