Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Defending Dallas

T minus 2 days until arrival in Dallas. I'm an anxious, excited wad of a ridiculous mess. (If anybody is new here, I lived in Dallas for 13 years but moved away the year my mom passed away, and I haven't been back since.)

One of the people I really want to see is my friend Gary. I love him likely family. He is my former hairdresser but we became best friends when he realized I was willing to go to the Mexican restaurant across from his salon to get margaritas while I was in foils. We're both the kind that doesn't do phone. Accordingly, we lost touch. I've called him 3 times now to tell him that I am coming in but I haven't heard from him. He's the one and only person that I absolutely have to see in Dallas.

Whenever Dallas comes up, so too the comments about big hair. Not one of my Dallas friends had big hair. Not. One. Dallas is a friendly, easy, more sophisticated place than you might think (except for the weirdos at the bar in foils).

First of all, Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes lives in the Dallas. She is hands down the most stylish person in blogdom. Check out her photo essay of Marfa (her March archives). I would put those pictures in my dining room right next to the Rauschenberg. And I note that girlfriend has the Prada shoes I have been lusting after this season.

Second of all, this is the line up at Trees (a totally cool concert dive in Dallas) from last weekend: Fair to Midland, Exit 380 and Serosia. Okay, I have no clue who those bands are but the point is they are not Alan Jackson or Dirks Bentley.

Third of all, margaritas in pitchers (like they are meant to be served) and Tex-Mex.

Fourth of all, Dallas is home base for the mothership (Neimans).

And home to this fine institution of higher learning on the left.
And also SMU.


  1. Loved your take on Dallas. Holy cow, I hadn't realized you hadn't been back in 13 years. Wow. Deep breaths lady. Seeing the hairdresser is a must.
    bon courage.

  2. I love the exhilaration of returning somewhere you haven't been for so long and seeing it with fresh eyes! When I started university I went back to the small Italian village where I lived for part of my childhood...mindblowing!

    have a great time!

  3. Trees! Ger and I went there for an Ian Moore concert. Hell to the yeah.