Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

On Friday, I will be at The Franchise headquarters in Dallas. I am, quite frankly, scared out of my wits by this whole franchise thing.

I wasn't scared when I took the California bar exam, or even the Colorado bar exam when the guy next to me said it was his 7th time trying to pass it. I wasn't scared giving birth. (The morphine drip may have helped. Oh, you're going to pull a baby out of my abdomen from an incision that's only 5 inches long. Good luck with that! Oh looky there - you did it. Good night.)

Although, of course, I have first amendment rights (At least, I'm fairly sure I do. Con law was one big snoozer - those Supreme Court guys sure do like to hear themselves write!) I will not be disclosing the name of the franchise until the franchise agreement is signed and it would be appropriate to do so. I will say that the store sells one type of dessert item and coffee.

Anyway, I am scared shitless because if I fail at this, I fail big. HUGE. Like, this is going to cost 4x as much as my law degree. However, I cannot underscore this point enough - I am assuming I get wholesale coffee.

And we have to think positively - what could possibly go wrong.


  1. They beauty of it is you have the name behind you. They wouldn't be selling franchises if they weren't successful!

  2. I hate doing things that scare me. Especially when they're WAY out of my comfort zone. Which is a rather small little zone.

    But you know what? After I do them, I'm always really damn proud of myself. And then my older, wiser, hindsight 20-20 self sits down my earlier self and mocks her for being such a wimp. Hindsight me is kind of a jerk.

    Good luck! If I'm ever in town I'll totally stop by the Franchise, because I love dessert and I love coffee and I love you.

  3. Good for you for taking a risk! I hope it all works out. And free coffee! That is one nice perk (ok, very bad, and unintended pun, but now that I typed it, must share).