Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Don't Like Glee

There. I said it. I tried it three times because all of my favorite people really enjoy Glee. The banter can be witty, I'll certainly give it that. And I mad love Jane Lynch. The next time you don't know what to put on your Netflix's que, try Best in Show and A Mighty Wind. She is brilliant. But, in the midst of all that witty banter, do you know what they do? They break into song. Ah hell no. Not since Vanilla Sky and Born on the Forth of July have I ever been so disgruntled about my wasted time. (Huh? One of these things is not like the other. I do not know why my list of things that make me disgruntled includes two Tom Cruise movies and Glee.)

It's not necessarily a cover song thing. Some songs can be covered and they come out just fine. See Fine Young Cannibals, Suspicious Minds. Maybe it was that the show started off covering Journey. Ah, no. You don't go there. You either are Steve Perry or you are not Steve Perry and if you are not Steve Perry than you do not sing Journey songs period. It's blasphemy.

Maybe its that we dislike characteristics in others that we dislike in ourselves. I was a precocious stage child. And all I can say is that Glee makes me want to apologize to my parents for all those times my friends and I made them watch us sing and dance to my Grease record. I'm sorry.

Or maybe its because the redhead seems to be all Anthropologie all the time. I love me some Anthropologie. I have a lust-worthy collection of Anthro sweater coats. But it's best used one piece at a time.

Wow. We've covered a lot of ground. I'm off to a 7:00a.m. meeting which is just wrong.


  1. Have you heard Arnel Pineda sing Journey songs?

    It's too bad you dont love Glee :O( But you love RHNYC so you can be forgiven :O) I still havn't seen ep7 as it isnt anywhere online *sigh*

  2. I hate Tom Cruise movies. Well, except for Mission Impossible (the original. Only. And probably because I went to see it with a really cute boy I had a crush on who then moved away and we never had a bad ending? eh) and probably Far and Away. Used to be okay with Top Gun but since the Husband will watch it whenever it is on, I no longer tolerate that crap. Because it is on ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

    I love Glee. But, in my defense, I love all musicals. Something about people breaking into choreographed song at the most inopportune moments just warms my cold dead heart.

  3. I like Glee but definitely don't love it. I never watch it now that it's on the same time LOST is on. I won't buy a DVR for one show. LOL!!! I love Top Gun but I think that's the only Tom Cruise movie I will watch. :) XOXO

  4. Associate Girl, I think you might be my soul mate. Amie is a close second for love of my life status. I *hate* Glee. And Tom Cruise! (I think that I am the only person on the planet who has never watched Top Gun.)

    Don't get me wrong, I have a deep and long-standing love with Jane Lynch, ever since Best in Show, which I saw on opening night in a beautiful old-style movie theatre while on vacation in Minneapolis (one of my favorite all time memories--such a great, great night). But not even Jane can keep me interested in this show. Okay, the Vogue parody this week was pretty good--thanks to Jane--but otherwise, the show drives me nuts. I stopped watching several weeks ago in favor of "In the Middle" and "Modern Family" and only tuned in on Tuesday b/c Girlfriend thought the all-Madonna marathon might be worthwhile. Again, with the exception of Vogue, nope.

    My FB status at 10pm on Tuesday? "If I never hear the word 'mash-up' again it will be too soon. Not even the genious that is Jane Lynch can make sitting through the bad lip synching, circular camera angles and over-wrought facial expressions tolerable."

    And in case I don't say it often enough, I LOVE YOU!

  5. I have all the episodes of Glee recorded but have yet to watch them. I have bought a few of the songs on iTunes so I think I'm guilty of being a Glee fan even if I haven't seen an episode!

  6. Your blog is funny and you're a fellow lawyer, so I can forgive you for disliking Glee & the aforementioned Tom Cruise movies. Although, I agree, the counselor on Glee bugs the living shit out of me. No one dresses like that because no one can afford it, particularly not some guidance counselor in Ohio. Do they even have anthropologie there? Also, the teacher bugs me. Jane Lynch is the saving grace.